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Ibanez GRX170
Ibanez RGX170
Stylish electric that will catch the eye. Ibanez Powersound pickups - humbucker/single/humbucker, maple neck, rosewood 22 fret fingerboard. Good condition and includes a deluxe gig-bag.

Solid Spruce Top with a nice vintage-looking satin finish. Super low action..
$229 SOLD
Epiphone Special II Les Paul
Nice Epiphone LP Special II
Very good condition - high gloss burgundy with black hardware. Nice 1st or 2nd guitar.
Johnson has made one of the best made S-copies we've seen.
Instead of wasting your money on a new El Cheapo, spend the same on this really good S-copy. Looks good, plays good and includes deluxe gig-bag.
Hannah Montana!
Hannah Montana steel string acoustic
One for the girly girls! Steel string folk-sized acoustic in reasonable condition.
Lefty Epiphone
Used, left-handed Epiphone Special II in great condition
Excellent condition Special II (Left-hand). In gig bag with strap, picks and learn-to-play DVD.
Barracuda S-copy
Cheap S-copy electric is top value at $129
We've never heard of it either, but it is in good nick and includes a gig-bag.
$129 SOLD
Fender Squier Strat
Used Fender Squier fitted with Seymour Duncan (licenced) Hot Rails
Deluxe model with Seymour Duncan licenced Hot Rails pickups.
$399 SOLD
Samick Jazz bass
Used Samick Jazz bass in hard case
Pretty good condition taking into account its age. Includes hard case.
$269 SOLD
Cimar (by Ibanez) Bass
1982 Japanese Cimar P-bass made by Ibanez
Japanese made in 1982 by Ibanez. Nice funky looking collectors bass. New Gotoh bridge & chrome bridge cover.
$550 SOLD
Fender Squier Vintage Modified '77 jazz bass
Fender Squier Vintage Modified '77 Jazz bass
Seymour Duncan licenced pickups. Very good condition.
$449 SOLD
Yamaha P bass
Lightweight Yamaha P-bass in hard case
Lightweight bass with low action. Easy to play. In hard case.
$329 deposit taken
Mega Bass Mini-Stack
Bass Mini-Stack. 66w head & quadbox.
66 watt head with 4x8" Quad Box. Controls include 4-band EQ, Gain, Balance, Enhancer/Compressor, Aux In, High & Low Inputs. Headphones out.
$449 SOLD
Marshal MG15-DFX Amp
LOUD 15w Marshall with effects
LOUD little Marshall practice amp with 3-band EQ, Overdrive, Reverb/Delay/Chorus/Flanger effects. Aux In, Heaphones out. Good nick.
Ashton 4/4 Violin outfit
Full size Ashton violin outfit (with case & bow). Good cond.
Complete with case & bow. Very good condition.
$199 SOLD
Peavey Rage 158
Peavey Rage is AS NEW in box!
As NEW in box! One of the biggest-selling practice amps of all time. 2 Channel, 3-band EQ, modern/vintage switch, Aux In, Headphone out.
Epiphone SG Hard Case
Genuine Epiphone SG case is in great condition
Very good conition. Why buy new?
$119 SOLD
Boss DS-1
Biggest selling distortion pedal in the world. As new.
$55 SOLD
Bundy (USA) Flute
USA Bundy flute needs full service & pads
Needs a full service with pads. In case.
$100 SOLD

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