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As at 22nd November 2014. Strictly one only of each item unless stated.
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Description / Picture

Our Price

M. Gerada 335
Nice 335 copy in top condition Nice 335 copy in top condition Nice 335 copy in top condition
Excellent condition 335 style semi-acoustic.
$350 SOLD
Ibanez ART100

LP style solid body electric in Ibanez hard case.
Greg Bennett Baritone Uke

Really nice ukulele in top condition. Big sound.
Gibson Epiphone Explorer

Retro Epiphone id good condition.
$499 SOLD
Gibson Epiphone

Excellent condition 335 style semi-acoustic.
$649 SOLD
Behringer Mixer
File photo of Behringer 1204USB mixer
Model 1204USB. Absolutely AS NEW in box with instruction manual, USB lead and rack mounting.
$199 SOLD
Dynacord PM1000-2 Powered Mixer
our photo of the used Dynacord PM1000 Mk2 powered mixer File photo of Dynacord PM1000 Mk2powered mixer

2x700 watts of grunt (into 4 ohms) from this famous brand, pro-quality, 12-input powered mixer. 100 effects, etc etc etc.
It is missing 2 slide knobs.
$1990ono SOLD
100w Kustom mini PA system
File photo of Kustom KPA100T mini PA
This unique mini column PA will suit soloist, DJ, or restaurant use.
The 100watt powered column contains 4x 4.5inch drivers with high frequency horn, 3 channels inputs (2 with XLR high and low EQ), and an output for a Sub. Power Link enables slaving of multiple units with a standard standard mic cable.

$280 SOLD
Stanton DJ Console
File photo of Stanton SCA4DJ mixstation
Model SCS.4DJ - 4x USB, 2x platters, MixStation. This is the real deal! For details click here
$380 SOLD
Gibson USA
Gibson USA Melody Maker Gibson USA Melody Maker Gibson USA Melody Maker

2003 USA-made Gibson Melody Maker in splendid condition, with almost no fret wear or marks.
Single P-90 pickup. In gig bag.
$650 SOLD
1970s Japanese Morris 1970s Japanese Morris 1970s Japanese Morris 1977 advert for Morris. (Can anyone translate for us?)

Quality Japanese solid-cedar-top acoustic made in either 1977 or 1978 (can't be sure of exact year). Mother of pearl soundhole inlay and fret markers. Another instrument for the collector, and in top condition for its 36-or-so years.
Includes aftermarket hard case.
$950ono SOLD
1976 Greco LP style made in Japan 1979 Greco LP made in Japan Showing graze on Greco

Quality LP-Custom style guitar that was so good it carved a name for Greco!
This is in great (35 year-old) condition except for a 150mm "graze" near the output jack. Made in Japan. Pickups are original. This is a rare piece of history. Email us for more pictures.
Left-Hand Ashton
Left handed Ashton elec Left handed Ashton elec Left handed Ashton elec

Left handed Ashton vintage-style electric with built-in tuner. Great condition.
$169 SOLD
Nice acoustic by JAM
Nice finish on the JAM guitar JAM acoustic guitar

This well made, nicely finished, full-body dreadnought acoustic plays well and includes a good quality gig-bag.
Great first or second guitar for an adult.
$139 SOLD
Something Different!
Eric, Stevie & Jeff Fender promo timber prints

Printed onto timber and each measuring 56cm high by 44cm wide (approx 34" x 18"), these 21 year old Fender-distributed promotional prints (1992) are in good condition and would be an interesting addition to your studio or bedroom wall.
(Featuring: Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn & Jeff Beck)
Reduced to
Gibson Epiphone LP Special
2001 Korean-made Epiphone Les Paul Special 2001 Korean-made Epiphone Les Paul Special 2001 Korean-made Epiphone Les Paul Special

Korean-made 2001 Les Paul is in good condition with gig bag.
$299 SOLD
Epiphone LP Junior
Epiphone Les Paul Junior in very good condition Epiphone Les Paul Junior in very good condition Epiphone Les Paul Junior in very good condition

Good build quality from this Junior version of a world famous guitar. Good condition.
$149 SOLD
ElCheapo LP
Cheap LP copy in very good condition

Cheap LP copy in excellent condition. Will suit as first guitar.
Daniel de Jong

Stunning Australian-made quality not often seen on the second-hand market!
Daniel de Jong is an Australian luthier crafting professional quality guitars in Tasmania. By our best investigations, this 2002 model is solid spruce top with cypress back & sides. The rather plain headstock carries the traditional ebony violin-peg-style tuners. Very good condition (the usual playing marks) and the guitar is presented in an excellent hard case.
Daniel de Jong Australia made flamenco guitar

$2,900 SOLD
1980's Samick SW270HS
Samick solid top - beaut mellow tone. In hard case. Close-up of cracked face. This is an old crack that does not affect the tone. Samick solid top - beaut mellow tone. In hard case.

Korean-made Samick (late 80's or early 90's is our guess). Solid Top, it is a beaut Honey colour but has an old crack on the face, which does not affect the awesome mellow tone.
Hard case is included.
$260 SOLD
Japanese made 12 String

Remember the 80's - lots of good quality guitars came out of Japan, like this solid-top 12-string by Daion. (Model: Mark1-12).
Plays nicely with great tone, and in good general condition for a 30-something year-old!
$450 SOLD!
Cimar (by Ibanez Japan)
1980's Japanese made CIMAR (made by Ibanez)

Get yourself a classic piece of the 80's with this Japanese-made strat-style electric. Candy apple red. In gig bag.
$299 SOLD
Schecter Tribal Series

Tribal Series long-scale (Baritone) electric guitar. Beautiful!
Very good condition.
$490 SOLD
Bundy USA made in USA this Bundy flute needs a bit of work. One key is sticking so we've made it CHEAP!
$120 firm
With Case
Armstrong USA Model 104 is one of the most popular USA-made student flutes in the world. This one needs a service so we've made it CHEAP!
$120 SOLD
With Case
Fender Stratocaster U.S.A.

2005 USA made "American Standard" Stratocaster.
This is in very good condition and plays well. Includes Fender triangle hard case.
$1199 SOLD
Washburn Lion
Washburn Lion acoustic
Washburn Lion acoustic in very good condition with gig bag.
SOLD $139
Vox Cooltron Snake Charmer Compressor pedal ... $165

Reduced to $120
Maton Mastersound
Maton Mastersound MS500 with custom gold hardware

The Maton Mastersound MS500. Customised at Maton with gold hardware, green transparent finish and cream scratchplate which combine to make an Australian classic even better! In almost excellent condition, this has normal "play" marks and one small chip in the paint. Complete in original Maton hardcase which is in top nick.
Yamaha FGX solid top acoustic-elec

Yamaha SGX720. Solid top acoustic-electric with Yamaha 3-band EQ with adjustable mid frequency (AMF). Nice condition.

$350 SOLD
Used hard cases - email for measurements and picture

Moulded Ibanez-branded pyramid/shaped case for BASS guitar (old but all butterfly clasps and hinges work fine) $60 SOLD
Black covered ply/tolex shaped case to suit STRAT guitar (old but all latches and hinges work fine) $45 SOLD
Moulded Fender-branded pyramid/shaped case for STRAT guitar (old but all latches and hinges work fine) $60 SOLD
All Sold
100w Battery powered Portable PA from Soundart

With two wireless microphones (hand-held and headset/lapel) as well as a built-in CD/DVD player with USB port, SD card reader and built-in trolley wheels & handle, this will suit the Spruiker, as well as Busker or school.
$600 SOLD
Fender Squier Affinity

Fender - made in Indonesia. Black with white scratchplate.
SOLD $169
Fender Squier

Chinese Fender - Sunburst.
SOLD $149
Cort KX1Q

Unusual Cort in excellent condition. "Tiger eye" finish with original EMG pickups, and comes with good padded gigbag.
SOLD $399
Ashton Bass

Ashton AB2 bass guitar in pretty good nick... except for a 2cm "graze" on edge. Gig bag included.
SOLD $189
George Dennis GD30 Wah

According to George Dennis himself, this pedal is "Based on the superb Jimi Hendrix Wah-Wah sound, the GD 30, with its 90's build and component quality offers much, much more". Good condition in box.

Collector's Bass
Vantage Left Hand Bass

If you are a Lefty, then don't let this gem go by!
Japanese-made Vantage late 70's or early 80's collectors left-handed bass that plays as good as it looks!
At least 30 years old but in almost unplayed condition.
Includes hard case.
SOLD $599
Washburn Cumberland
Solid top Washburn Jumbo acoustic electric with hard case.
Beautiful acoustic-electric Jumbo from Washburn. Solid Alaskan sitka spruce top. Flame maple back & sides, rosewood fretboard, Washburn 4-band EQ preamp with Chorus effect. Balanced & unbalanced outs.
Absolutely AS NEW in Washburn hard case.
$599 SOLD
Epiphone SG

Nice entry level SG by those who know how to make 'em! Black, with gig-bag. This is in very good condition.
$225 SOLD
BORDER="0">CC-P10 Classical guitar in top condition.
Reduced to
$140 SOLD
U.S.A. Fender American Deluxe P Bass.
2006 USA Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass in Fender case
2006 USA made "American Deluxe Precision (active) Bass".
This is in excellent condition and includes original Fender moulded shaped hard case.
Fender Stratocaster U.S.A.
USA Fender American Standard Stratocaster in Fender hard case
2009 USA made "American Standard" Stratocaster.
This is in "AS NEW" condition with moulded rectangular Fender hard case.
Laney Richter Bass Cab
Richter bass extension speaker. 1x 12". Good condition.
IBANEZ RG150 Very popular Ibanez in Midnight Blue and in "as new" condition. SOLD
JAPANESE Boss Graphic Eq
GE-7 Graphic Equalizer. Good working condition. Reasonable appearance
$99 SOLD
Trevor James Cornet

Renaissance Cornet by Trevor James in "AS NEW" condition with case. Model 4500SP.
Price reduced.
Gibson Les Paul U.S.A.
USA 2005 Gibson Les Paul 60's Reissue USA 2005 Gibson Les Paul 60's Reissue
Genuine USA made Les Paul Classic. 2005 ( 1960 Reissue model ) in excellent condition.
Includes Gibson hard case.

Fender Squier Stratocaster

Classic Fender colouring and in excellent condition (except for one tiny ding) and complete with gig-bag and strap.
reduced to $299 SOLD
Condensor Microphone
NT1A by Rode. Complete in case with 5m lead & mounting.
$175 SOLD
Condensor Microphone
SMC100 by Ashton. Excellent condition, complete in foam-blocked case with mount.
$125 SOLD
Marshall Valvestate 10

Back in the day, these were THE 10w practice amp. This is in very good nick.
SOLD $100
Big Muff Pi

USA-made Big Muff Pi Sustain by Electro-Harmonix. Excellent condition in box
Fender Squier P-Bass

Fender P-Bass in traditional Sunburst finish. Good condition, and includes gig bag.
$299 SOLD
Ashton traditional

$145 SOLD
Admira Infante

Made in Spain. 3/4 size classical suit ladies, teens, or the advanced child player. Excellent condition.
$199 SOLD
Ibanez SR100
SOLD $189
Ibanez Artcore AG75

"F-Hole" semi-acoustic. Excellent condition in beautiful high gloss black with cream binding & chrome hardware. Includes hard case.

Peavey Envoy Guitar Amp
40 Peavey watts with Transtube technology. Nice sound.
$220 SOLD
Ashton 5-String Bass

Ashton 5-string bass features a nice Flame Top. Includes hard case.
$325 SOLD
Peavey Bass Amp

Plenty of bass grunt in this USA-made Peavey BASIC. 50w and is in very good condition.
$299ono SOLD

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