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Zoom, Presonus, Boss, Roland, Behringer & everything else you need to make your demo or field recording sound great. Microphones (Rode, Shure, Sennheiser, Nady, MXL), Headphones (Sennheiser, Roland, Ashton, Behringer), Studio Monitor Speakers (Edirol, Roland, M-Audio and Behringer), Effects Units (including Boss, Zoom, Behringer) and Drum machines (Boss & Zoom)... And don't forget the "How-to" books, interfaces, leads and stuff.
Whatever your budget, we have the solution to your demo and home recording needs.

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Our Price
Behringer ULM100
Wireless Digital USB Mic!!!

Digital 2.4ghz wireless mic to suit MPA40 portable PAs or computer
Behringer's ULTRALINK ULM100USB High-Performance 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone with USB Receiver provides the highest-quality sound via its built-in transmitter, which operates in the license-free 2.4 GHz range (well out of the way of TV stations and cell phone towers). Connects direct to your PC or Mac computer's USB port, allowing you to wirelessly record directly into your favorite DAW application from a distance of up to 50m+. Requires 2x AA batteries which will give up to 8 hours solid use.
Zoom H1 Digital Recorder
(Series II)
Zoom H1 digital recorder

Currently out of stock
The Series II Zoom H1 is the latest in the range of compact low-priced, high quality digital recorders. Use it as a USB mic! It can record linear PCM (WAV) files at 24-bit/96 kHz, which far exceeds CD quality. The H1 can also record in MP3 format to maximize the recording time. These formats are perfect for the web posting or e-mailing to your fans. Record up to 555 hours on a single 32GB Micro-SD card.

Zoom H1 Accessory Pack just $30 with H1 ($39.95 value)
Add an Accessory Pack for just $30! Includes six additional accessories for the H1. The package includes a windscreen, a mic stand clip adapter, an adjustable desktop tripod, a soft case, an AC adapter (USB type) and a USB cable.

or just $229 with accessory pack

Yes, we ship Zoom anywhere in Australia

Zoom H2n Digital Recorder Zoom H2n complete with accessory pack The Zoom H2n (the "n" is for next) is here!

Record in stunning Surround Sound with the revolutionary mid-mics, and much much more!

Including Accessory Pack!
Just 1 left at this price

Yes, we ship Zoom anywhere in Australia

Boss Micro BR (BR80) Boss MBR Micro BR palmtop recorder Palmtop recording studio. Similar in size to an iphone, the tiny-yet-powerful MBR is dream for musicians on the go. The MICRO BR offers four simultaneous playback tracks (plus 32 V-Tracks), an SD Card slot, onboard multi-effects, built-in rhythm patterns, a tuner, MP3 compatibility, USB, and more. No guitar case or gig bag should be without one!
Available on order.
Boss BR800 Boss BR800 Boss 8-track recorder. 64 V-Tracks, SD memory card (1GB included) slot, built-in FX processor, including pitch corrector and COSM amp models, built-in drum-machine with velocity-sensitive pads, built-in stereo mic and battery power to record anywhere, USB for data transfer/computer connectivity, portable and ultra slim (289 x 184 x 58mm) and weighs 890 grams. Carry case, and Cakewalk Sonar software included.
$699 Available on order
Boss BR1600CD . Deleted Item
No longer available
Roland R-26 Roland R26 portable recorder The Roland R-26 portable digital recorder allows up to six channels of simultaneous recording (three stereo pairs). Capture the same sound source with three different types of microphones, both internal and external. This provides a new level of flexibility after the fact, as you can choose from the individual tracks or composite mixes.
$599 Available on order
Roland UM-One Mk2 Roland UM One Mk 2 Compact, convenient, and fast, the affordable UM-ONE mk2 boasts high-performance FPT processing for low latency and tight timing. The bus-powered MIDI interface is compatible with Macs and PCs, and now with the iPad as well (via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit not included)
Roland Tri-Capture Roland Tri-Capture Audio Interface The TRI-CAPTURE USB interface is a unique, compact audio interface optimized for personal and mobile recording, vocal and guitar recording, and streaming-internet applications. With its mixer-like design and dedicated front-panel controls, TRI-CAPTURE makes it easy to mix, control, and monitor a variety of signals. Plug a microphone into the XLR input, an instrument into the 1/4-inch jack, and a stereo instrument or device into the AUX input. The unique REC MODE section provides instant selection of recording scenarios, including LOOP BACK for web streaming applications.
Zoom R24 Digital Recorder and Interface Controller Zoom R24 The newest digital recorder from Zoom. 24-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording that uses Secure Digital (SD) memory. Like the R16, it is a digital multi-track recorder, an audio interface and a control surface, providing you with all the tools necessary (such as 150 effects, drum machine, tuner, metronome etc, phantom power) to create studio-quality recordings anywhere. RRP $1049.
Click here for Zoom R-24 details...
By order
Zoom R16 Digital Recorder and Interface Controller Zoom R-16 digital recorder / interface / controller
Rear View R16
The first digital recorder with 16-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording that uses Secure Digital (SD) memory. The new Zoom R16 recorder is three production tools in one incredibly versatile device. It's a digital multi-track recorder, an audio interface and a control surface, providing you with all the tools necessary to create studio-quality recordings anywhere. RRP $899.
Click here for Zoom R-16 details...
By order
Zoom R8 Digital Recorder and Interface Controller Zoom R8 digital recorder Simultaneous recording of 2 tracks and playback of 8 tracks The R8 is the perfect tool for capturing audio on-the-go. Record live music performances, rehearsals, songwriting sessions or even audio for film and video. Playback up to eight tracks of audio at up to 24-bit/48kHz resolution as WAV files. RRP $599.

By Order but Temporarily Unavailable
Roland Edirol MA15d Roland Cakewalk powered monitors (pair)
MA-15D stereo reference monitors are ideal for computer-based recording artists seeking a high-quality, powerful set of reference speakers to use in a relatively confined space. The MA-15Ds offer a wide-range spectrum and crystal-clear audio reproduction.
Alesis Audiolink Alesis Audiolink analogue-to-digital convertor. Pic shows XLR version
Analogue-to-Digital Convertors.
The Alesis Audiolink series makes it easy to direct-connect nearly any instrument or other line-level audio source; or dynamic microphone; turntable, CD player or mixer to USB for direct recording to youw Windows or Mac computer. The AudioLink Series USB-audio cable outputs studio quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital audio thanks to its internal analog-to-digital conversion system.
Your all-in-one USB audio solution!
Guitar/line $59

XLR mic $69


Phono/RCA $75

$6 shipping anywhere in Oz!
Roland Edirol UM-1EX Edirol UM-1EX
UM-1EX is a simple USB MIDI interface, with one MIDI input and one MIDI output, that connects directly to your computer. The UM-1EX’s MIDI out can also function as a MIDI thru, providing extra flexibility and functionality. It's perfect for small MIDI studios where only one MIDI device will be connected in close proximity to the computer.
$6 shipping anywhere in OZ!
Roland Edirol UM-2EX Edirol UM-2EX
The UM-2EX is a simple USB MIDI interface offering one MIDI input & two MIDI outputs. It offers a variety of features, including FPT (Fast Processing Technology of MIDI transmission), MIDI signal indicators, and support for OS-Standard drivers on the latest versions of Mac OS and Windows. The UM-2EX is well suited for any small MIDI studio application or portable MIDI station. The female MIDI jacks allow for any length of MIDI cable to be used, and make the UM-2EX ideal for MIDI devices placed a good distance form the computer.
$6 shipping anywhere in OZ!
Roland Edirol UA4FX Edirol UA4FX USB - Audio Interface
USB Audio/Midi interface.
USB audio interface with up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution; 14 types of powerful, easy-to-use onboard effects, including COSM tube mic-preamp simulator; XLR input with phantom power, Hi-Z guitar/dynamic mic input; USB bus powered, no AC adapter required; MIDI I/O with FPT (Fast Processing Technology) for fast, stable performance; Supports WDM, ASIO 2.0, and Mac OS X Core Audio; Cakewalk SONAR LE and Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas plug-in included (PC); Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 surround compatibility via S/PDIF output (Windows XP); Edirol gives you amazing quality and full features for a lot less.
RRP was $429.
$199 One Only
$10 shipping anywhere in OZ!
Zoom H4 Digital Recorder . The H4 is now replaced by the H4n. SEE ABOVE
Zoom MRS-8SD . The MRS-8 is a compact, fully-digital 8-track with a huge array of guitar, bass, vocal and mixdown effects. It has a fully programmable Drum & Bass Machine with touch-sensitive pads. It's also incredibly small - about HALF the size of a laptop computer. Plug in and make a professional quality demo anywhere. There is even a mic built-in for recording on the road. Records to SD Media Cards, compatible to 1GB or more.
Zoom HD8 . A huge 80GB hard disk gives the Zoom HD8 about 240 hours of recording time using 16-bit/44.1 kHz sampling in WAV format. Each track has ten virtual tracks, so you can record multiple takes to get each track right. Built-in drum machine. Built-in CDR so you can publish straight away!
Click here for more info on the Zoom HD8 digital recorder.
Zoom MRS-802CD . Was our best selling hard-disk recorder but now replaced by the HD8.
Zoom HD16 . As with the HD8, the Zoom HD16 has a massive 80GB hard disk, providing about 240 hours of recording time using 16-bit/44.1 kHz sampling in WAV format. Each track has ten virtual tracks, so you can record multiple takes to get each track right. The HD16 allows recording on up to 8 tracks simultaneously to capture a live performance of your band, or even a complete drum kit - all on separate tracks!
Click here for more info on the Zoom HD16 digital recorder.
Zoom MRS1608CD . Replaced by HD16 Discontinued
Zoom H2 Digital Recorder . This palm sized digital field recorder set the world on fire!
Now replaced by the H2n
Deleted Product
Zoom Q3HD Digital Audio Recorder with HD Digital Video Camera
Q3HD by Zoom is IN STOCK! Accessory pack for Zoom Q3HD recorder
The Accessory Pack contains all you need to get the best from your Q3HD. $40 when purchased at same time.

The Q3HD is perfect for recording anything where hi-quality audio and High Definition (HD) video are a must. From live musical performances and rehearsals, interviews, conferences to video podcasts, journalism, education, recitals, Youtube, weddings or sports, the Q3HD's pristine audio quality takes your videos to another level.

Click for Zoom Q3HD details
Deleted product
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